Welcome. I'm a video game developer at Valve, the studio behind fine computer and console games such as Half-Life and Counterstrike.

If you're here you probably already know who I am and what it is that I do, so you're either looking for the games I've worked on, links to my research at CMU, or for one of my student films. They're just below.

Games   Films

Left4Dead (Valve): It's you and three of your friends against a world full of zombies.
First person shooter, team cooperative. XBox 360 and PC. AI speech and dialogue; engine; performance

THE ORANGE BOX (Valve): Valve offers three new titles in one orange box: continue the adventures of the heroic physicist Gordon Freeman in Half Life 2: Episode Two, meet your friends in online battle with Team Fortress 2, and bend the fabric of time and space in search of cake with the all-new puzzler Portal. Also includes Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: Episode One. First person shooter, team multiplay, and puzzle game for PC and XBox 360.
gameplay programming (Episode 2); XBox 360 performance optimization

JAKX: COMBAT RACING (Naughty Dog / SCEA): Jak and Daxter race on the mean streets of Kras City in this fast-paced guns'n'ammo multiplayer racing title. Upgrade your rig and take it online to join your friends in a deathmatch or straight-up circuit race! Online vehicle racing/action for PS2.
gameplay programming (weapons; game modes; interface); database administration

JAK 3 (Naughty Dog / SCEA): The closing chapter of the bestselling Jak&Daxter trilogy, Jak 3 answers all the lingering questions about Jak's secret past, the true nature of the Precursor Legacy, and Daxter's eternal quest for pants. Action platformer for PS2.
gameplay programming (precursor temple; war factory; some city sections)

THIEF: DEADLY SHADOWS (Ion Storm / Eidos): As Garrett, master thief, you must use stealth, deception, and your trusty blackjack to infiltrate and burglarize a variety of environments in a richly written world, including mansions, cathedrals, and a haunted house or two. Successor to Thief: The Dark Project. First person stealth for PC and X-Box.
programming (AI; tools support; playtest metrics)

DEUS EX 2: INVISIBLE WAR (Ion Storm / Eidos): In this sequel to the acclaimed Deus Ex, you play Alex Denton, a nanotechnologically augmented agent free to choose your own allegiances over the course of the game. Every obstacle encountered may be dealt with in a variety of ways, from firepower to stealth to negotiation and bribery. First person shooter/RPG for PC and X-Box.
additional programming (cinematic camera; tools support; playtest metrics)

THE SIMS ONLINE (Maxis / EA): Take your Sim online and interact with real people from all over the planet. A virtual world that runs 24/7, TSO allows you to create up to three Sim people, name and dress them however you like, and build your very own home in an online community. Pursue hobbies such as gnomecarving or jam-making, or make money by working at a job or better yet, providing a valuable service to your fellow players. Massively multiplayer online RPG for PC.
intern (playtest metrics ; tuning)


Falen: the Fallen Project
, an homage to Looking Glass Studios (winter 2000) dir. E. Ruskin, starring BJ Altman, feat. M. Bruni, J. Parker, B. Slusky. (256kbps) (600kbps) (broadband)

A trailer for Wizards & Lizards
(spring 2002)

The Mocap Locomotion!
, a trailer for various realtime motion capture work done by my team. (fall 2003)

Research at CMU   Photography

TABLETOPIA: An experiment in merging virtual and physical reality, Tabletopia creates a virtual world with which a guest interacts by using physical objects (static haptics). As with several of my previous projects, this pairs optical motion capture and a wireless headmounted display.

MO'JOX: This was a broad assay of interactions that use realtime wireless optical motion capture as an input device, including full body 3D dance game and virtual theremin. I also adapted the motion capture system to work as a controller for an NES emulator for controlled user testing of intuitive interfaces. (see trailer)

WIZARDS AND LIZARDS: We designed and engineered this fantasy magic-carpet ride game using a wireless optical motion capture as an input device and the LithTech Development System as rendering engine. (see trailer)

JAM-O-DRUM|ARIA: The Jam-O-Drum is an installation art piece for collaborative musicmaking. Aria was a musical bird-flocking experience for this top-down projected kiosk gameplay device. I did a lot of flocking for this one. (see video)

EARTH THEATER: We adapted the LithTech 3D game engine to display in real-time on a 210 paraspherical movie screen driven by five independent rendering computers.

VRPETS: We adapted the LithTech engine for real-time onscreen puppeteering, permitting an actor to control a live performance by a digital character with joysticks and MIDI devices. This one has since gone on to be installed in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. (see demo)